A Mental Impression

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Welcome to the launch of our blog. When I sat down to write this I wasn’t sure where to start. Then I stopped and thought about a recent presentation I had given to a local business group about web design. Normally I would show up to the meeting in business attire suit tie etc… That day I decided to don cargo shorts and a Green Lantern T-shirt. People were a little curious when I stood up to present. Especially a few people who had never been to the meeting prior to that day. There was a logical explanation of course. I started the presentation by defining perception. Webster’s defines perception as a way of regarding, understanding, or interpreting something; a mental impression. The perception of me to those who attend the meeting weekly and those who were meeting me for the first time were very different.  I used my attire as a creative example (at least I believe it was) to talk about how people perceive things and as a way to engage the audience.

     After a little bit of discussion I shared with them a story about the morning prior when I got up put on runners to take our lovable husky for his morning walk. As I opened the sliding glass door and met the humid summer morning he bounded outside almost pulling out of my runners. As I quickly caught my balance and looked up three little rabbits bounded furiously through the yard toward the back.  Then I pulled a picture up (check out the weekly pic) and ask what they saw. They all said a rabbit; well except the lady who worked for Aflac she said a duck.

What Do you See?

Perception –  a way of regarding, understanding, or interpreting something; a mental impression.

 Did you see a duck, rabbit or something else? Sounds fishy huh?

So what does all this have to do with anything you might be thinking at this point? The point of the exercise was to talk about perception and how it can create a lasting impression. Think of your online presences and web design in much of the same way. Many times it is the face of your business in an increasingly digital world and creates the first and lasting impression of your company. Whether you are big or small we as a society are using technology more and more every day. Can you remember the last time your smart phone wasn’t at your side?  Today many times your website and its design are making an impression before you get a chance. It could be the deciding factor whether someone picks up the phone to call or the reason they don’t.

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