Our Story

What are we about?

We understand the need for a digital footprint

when engaging with potential clients

one that is organized, visual, and interactive.

What's a Madzory?Simplementation

Our Story

What are we about?

We understand the need for a digital footprint

when engaging with potential clients

one that is organized, visual, and interactive.

What's a Madzory?Simplementation

Our mission is to expediently and effectively provide a turnkey (an all in one) digital sales and marketing prospecting solution. Housing interactive media content in an easily accessible and portable format. Seamlessly allowing integration of a “digital footprint” to create a fluid experience on and offline.


Our vision is to service our end client business owners with an efficient tool for both engaging and interactive prospecting. One that standardizes and integrates content while delivering a hassle free experience, based on the concept of “simplementation”.

Relationships are an essential function and building block of any growing business. It is paramount in today’s business world that everyone wants to make a lasting first impression. This is where we come in we offer a solid background of building networks and sales, specializing in startups and small business. We realize that until now this has not been readily available as a turnkey solution. Our aim is to help prevent you from losing opportunities because you didn’t have the marketing and sales tools ready or necessary to seize the moment or worse what you have available is jumbled disconnected and doesn’t put your best foot forward costing you future opportunities. We have been there and understand how frustrating the situation can be. Bred from over a decade of personal sales experience in dealing with these situations and complications is why we have crafted a solution to help make streamlining these tools easily accessible and hassle free to implement.

Our Team


is a fiery Irish redhead, who handles the operations and shares the duties of content creation as she is a stellar writer. Rene hold multiple masters degrees and has been published also. She loves the outdoors walking with Drake and the beach. One of her favorite pastimes is listening to her Tori Amos music while enjoying a superb cup of coffee.


a red and white husky and is the head of security. He can be rambunctious at times, but also can  often be found sleeping on the job on the couch in the office. Drake enjoys walks, the outdoors, and people.


handles the technical details and sales . He is a Penn State Alumni and has always enjoyed technology. When he breaks free from the keyboard he is an avid NFL fan, enjoys hiking, kayaking, and the outdoor. If he is not doing that you might find him creating batches of craft beer with his siblings.

What’s a Madzory?

We here at adzory are committed on adhering to our core values and delivering sound competencies. We also understand that everyone deserves to tell their story, market there idea with passion in a compelling way. We are sincerely passionate in all facets of our business and what we do. At the same time our intent is delivering our product with a fun flair. Is it truly work when it is a labor of love?

     Madzory is simply what it reads. “My Ad Story”. It’s your Madzory. It’s the digital end products that we create, specifically tailored for you. Our aim is for you to reach your client market with your story. We custom design a variety of easily accessible digital formats that allows you, to convey your story, your ad story, and your product with passion and conviction. We can even help cultivate the content on a case per case basis. Sometimes, one size does not fit all. Adzory realizes that your story is the most powerful tool in your arsenal. Relaying that to your target audience and striking a chord that resonates within them makes the sky the limit for building that relationship. An interactive, captivating visual experience that is portable and easily accessible makes all the difference in the business rhythm that is our digital world.

We began adzory after experiencing the many pitfalls associated with small business and start up organizations. Often understaffed and overworked, business owners are forced to wear many hats. Prospecting sales and marketing is time consuming at best, it is an area requires your best and professionalism. As the old adage goes – you only get one chance to make a first impression. And those good or bad are long lasting.

     We decided for ourselves that it’s imperative to have an all in one solution that housed those tools.  One that is consistently available and ready. Who can predict when an opportunity will present itself? Adzory’s services and innovative products allow you that piece of mind. Never miss those perspective opportunities again and actively be prospecting for more. Always. By providing a valuable service, we allow you to keep focused on the other aspects of your business, but simultaneously interacting with your existing clients and continually prospecting new ones.

Our Process

It all starts with a conversation...

The first step as in any project is to have a candid conversation. We want to learn about our clients. Why are you choosing to have a new website built? How do you feel a new web design will help your business? What are the pieces that you are looking for Website? Social Media Management? A new promo video? All the above? These step might seem simple but are key in defining the project overview. In the discussion we speak about goals expectations and what they hope to accomplish. We also discuss their target audience demographics and much more.

Let's take a look...

Step two we look at what you currently have in your digital arsenal. Simply put we review what you currently have then discuss how to adjust and improve upon it to reach your desired goals. Whether it’s your focusing on your web design, social channels, promotional or tutorial videos. We’ll help make the right pieces fit for your business.

Creating a plan

Once we have reviewed and looked at the landscape we define the project and create the overview. In this we provide a project timeline and scope. We review with you and make any needed additions or subtractions to the overall plan.

Whats next?

Once the project is define the next step is to actually create it. Whether its a redesign or a new site it starts by creating the the architecture, sitemap, and wire frames for the project. Creating the user interface and layout is a key piece in site navigation. Once the lay out is in place it’s time to add the content. He we add the visual and text whether provided by you or created by us.


Through the build process we review the site with you to make sure everything is on the correct course and time line. This includes site testing, before it is launched. We help streamline the look and feel across the board if needed.

Here we go...

Once the design and testing are complete it’s time to launch your site. At this step congratulation are in order your rocking your new site. Remember your website is a living breathing entity so maintenance is just as important as the build. No worries we can help with that too. If you have any questions about the process feel free to reach out to us and we’ll go through them in more detail.


Simplementation Defined:
Simplementation: the integration of implementation (to put into effect according to or by means of a definite plan or procedure) with simplicity (freedom from complexity, intricacy, or division into parts) implementation simplified. Simplementation.


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