Niche, know it? You should…

by Jul 8, 2016Social Media

   Now I’ve already stated in previous blogs that this year is the year of Facebook.  I don’t want to come down on myself but there are some pretty big things out there you should know and if you don’t well read on.  Have you heard of Niche?  And no, I do not mean the definition found in the dictionary.  Niche is a start-up platform designed more to work with Snapchat and Instagram than anything.  But what people didn’t think of, is that is has started providing some pretty lucrative deals.  If you have ever posted video’s online you might want to be aware of Niche.  Niche has become like a middleman if you will between big time Agency’s that want to connect with new fresh talent, and those people like you and I that are that talent.  It’s revolutionary in a way, and Niche is connecting these people and bringing together no name individuals like you and I to do majour brand marketing, and guess what?  It’s phenomenal.  Can you imagine the potential?  Think about it, the next time you want to upload yourself dancing, doing shots, chasing the dog around on a video… It could lead to big things my friend.  Big things.  Google it.  Seriously.  Want more information on the trend in social media?  Call us today, Adzory.  610-888-4743.  As a professional representative of your company we know what marketing strategies are needed and in what capacity to drive traffic your way.  Don’t lose out on valuable marketing because you are new to social media.  Let us help.

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