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5 Social Media Trends You Must Put Into Practice in 2018

As technology advances, so does our experience with the digital world.  How we started at the cusp of the century almost seems light years away from where we are today 18 years later.  How we view the world and AI has changed.  Come and learn some of the social media...

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7 Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs a Website

There are many reasons why you started your own business, and the least of which is to share it with others.  In the digital world that we live in it's imperative to have a website alongside your business.  Read on to find 7 paramount reasons to have a website, shared...

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How long should your blog post be?

WOOWHO! Congratulation. So your new website is up and you added a blog. You have valuable information you want to provide so people visit your site, but what is too much or too little. It's a great question one that most people writing blogs find themselves asking....

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15 Awesome Content Curation Tools

Content curation can really help. There are a tone of tools to help you gather and sift through that what the web has to offer and share with your readers. Joint Views share their essential tools in this infographic below. What are some of their top choice? Lets take...

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The 100 websites that dominate the internet

We were cruising around the internet and found this gem shared by visual capitalist originally created by Voldien. They put together an infographic that shows the top 100 websites and how they are connected and rule the internet. Check out the below. For the full-size...

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How to breathe life back into your blog

Is your blog just lacking lately? Well if your having trouble in regards what to do for content or just having writers block. Callbox shared 5 helpful tips for success in this infographic. They include Newsjacking Listicles Product reviews Shareable videos Humour...

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Web Design Trends For The Future Of 2018

Wondering what 2018 hold in regards to web design trends? If you are considering a new web site or a face-lift for your current one here are a few things that you might want to consider that are trending up. A few that are included are: AI and Machine Learning...

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The Future of SEO: 8 Need to know stats

Wondering what the future of SEO has in store? In this infographic from WSI World they share some key points and statistics if you are considering investing in your SEO this year. Only 4% of marketers think that SEO is dead 76% of marketers use social media to help...

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