21 Hidden Facebook Features

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There are hidden gems around every corner, in movies and shows they are called Easter eggs, well don’t leave Facebook out.  Our favorite Social Media guru has packed its platform with a wealth of goodies and we’re going to share them with you.  Thanks to PC Mag for some of the tidbits!

Bonus Movie Fun Easter Egg – The minion Toy in the Lorax.

Fun with Emojis.

1.Your INBOX is waiting

That’s right, there is an inbox of messages in FB.  Once upon a time it was called the “Other” folder and is now a message request folder.  This is a request area for all the people that you are yet to be friends with, or potential spam, it’s hard to tell.  To review, click the “Messages” icon on your homepage.

  1. Snooping and Security

You can tell if someone is logged into your account.  Stroll over to the “Security” folder and view where you are logged in.  If there are results you don’t like, you can end the activity and close the session

  1. Secret Emoji’s

You may know the basic ones that you create with the keyboard.  Check out the list and start using them.  http://www.symbols-n-emoticons.com/p/facebook-emoticons-list.html

  1. File Transfers

When you open your next FB messenger window, look to the top right corner and take notice of the “Gear” icon, one of the options is to add files.  That will allow you when you fancy to upload computer files to transfer, the recipient will get a link to click on and can download on the other end.

  1. Insane Easter Egg

Here is a strange tidbit for those that want to play around a little.  You can make your FB turn into Pirate speak, or even upside down!  Yes, to play with this, go to General Account Settings and head over to “Language”.  What do you think?

  1. Super Post / Blog

There is a place to create personal blogs.  When ready, https://www.facebook.com/notes – You can see notes from others, and create your own.


  1. FB Romance History

Yes there is a history for your significant other and yourself.  https://www.facebook.com/us – check out the complete history since you’ve joined!

  1. Save Posts

Sometimes you want to follow a link and cannot, but when you return the post is gone – well, er, uhm, not really.  When viewing a post, click on the arrow at the top right of that post – and save link.  Once you save something for the first time, there will be a “Saved” Ribbon in the left hand Favourites bar.  It works for stories and videos.

  1. FB History

Everything you’ve ever shared, yes it’s been recorded.  Go to your Settings, and the General tab, click on the link for “download copy of FB data” and follow the written directions.

  1. Posthumous Control

There is the option for legacy control on FB.  Now bear in mind, this person may write a pinned post in your profile, reply to friend requests, or update your information.  This is under your Settings tab, Security and of course Legacy Contact.  Likewise, you can choose to delete the account upon your demise.

  1. Additional Security

There is the ability to add security to FB.  This can help protect your identity.  Make FB ask for a “Log In Approval” which again is under the Security tab in your Settings.  In addition you can create Trusted Contacts that will help to identify you so that you may log into your account if you need to regain access.

  1. Mute those pesky Live Notifications

Now that FB offers “Live” videos on mobiles, sometimes it can be annoying – especially the branded ones.  In order to turn them off, click the inverted arrow next to the notification and choose “Turn off notifications”

Movie Fun Easter Egg – They even were doing it in the 80’s. Ever realized Packman was chomping pellets in Tron?

Bonus Movie Fun Easter Egg – Man of Steel while fighting Zod a Keep Calm call Batman poster can be spotted.

Security setting for Facebook.

  1. Turn Off FB’s ability to track your Mobile Browsing

Yes FB gave users more control over the ads it presented to consumers, however, what they failed to inform you was that in order to do that they monitor your app and web browsing history to target the ads.  Unfortunately you cannot opt out, but you can surf in peace and private.  (Now supposedly there is a 3rd party site that allows you to opt out – http://www.aboutads.info/choices/ – please if any reader checks it out….)

  1. Interest List

It’s FB’s idea of a Twitter list.  It’s a little diddy that compiles curated collections of posts from websites or people that you follow – in one streamlined feed.  On the left side, click on “Interests“ link and hover over the header to click on “More”.  On the page that opens, click “Add Interests” and now you can search and follow your own or people that have made theirs public.

Bonus Movie Fun Easter Egg – E.T. brethren spotted in the republic during the Phantom Menace.

Payment settings for Facebook.

Bonus Movie Fun Easter Egg – R2D2 spotted from the Enterprise in both new Star Trek Movies.Look to the left.

  1. To Mute an Ex

Yes, with FB’s help, we can see less of an ex’s posts.  Change your status to single, and then FB will automatically jump in and ask you if you like to see less of this person.  Scary but kind?

  1. Spy on Friends

If you really want to know the history between friends, or detailed posts, FB is there to help.  When you see a post from a friend – click the little arrow in the top right corner of the post and click on “More Options”, then click on “See Friendship” option.

  1. Edit your Ad Preferences

When you follow certain people or brands, the ads you then see will change in response.  You may change that, go to your Settings and click on “Ads” and “Edit”.  Once there click “Ads based on my Preferences”.  This is the fun part, you’ll see what FB has determined to be yours!

  1. Send Money

Yes I did type that.  You may transfer money from computer or mobile through your FB – provided both have debit card.  Check out “Settings” and “Payments” to enter your debit card.  In the messenger window with a friend, click the dollar sign icon at the bottom of the window to send or request!

  1. BDay Cam (iOS)

Yes there are bday reminders, but now with iOS app, you can record 15 second video for a friend.

  1. 360 Pics

360 Pics are becoming more and more popular as they offer an entire field of vision.  When you use your smartphone to capture a panorama or photosphere pic, you can now upload it on FB.

Have any awesome Easter Eggs you have come across? We want to know share them in the comments!

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