Social Media Supervillain Unmasked: How to Corral an Identity Crisis

by Dec 13, 2016Facebook, Google +, Google Plus, Instagram, Marketing, Social Media

In a world of villains primed to destroy your social media management system, we’ve explored one that is hard to see – even in plain sight.

Now that ambiguity has been exposed, something, someone else, lurks in its wake.  In an effort to squash and eradicate the former villain, you arm yourself with the latest social media venues and channels.  Determined to push content and reach an audience, well, it allows a double duo attack of the identity crisis twins.

These twins, at first glance, can appear rather unsuspecting and mundane (humdrum?).  But, closer inspection reveals a menagerie of threats that cause social media damage.  These guys are not in sync yet both are trying to launch social media images.  This comes across to clients and prospective clients as confusion and a sense of disjointedness.  Unsure of the different social media channels – and which ones promote certain products or services – and it does make a difference.  Unfortunately, this will only remove and separate you from your intended audience.

We’re all aware of the big ones, Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.  But there are many more than three platforms that exist on the social media landscape.  They are not all created equal.  Depending on what service you provide clients, one or more social media channels may not be right for you.  So much in fact, you mismanage, alienate, and damage potential customers and possibly even established ones.

Watch out for these villains and learn how to expose the identity crisis that looms in your social media venues.

The identity crisis twins can do double damage.  They can work in tandem or disjointedly to wreak havoc on a stable social media management platform.  Whether it’s by having no determined “voice” on social media, or by employing the wrong channels – their effects result in confusion and alienation.  Overall, they separate us from our audiences and lead us to mis-market our product and / or service.

When referring to a business organisation, identity crisis is defined as a state of confusion regarding its nature or direction (Merriam-Webster).  Now think about that, and how that relates to retaining clients and attracting new ones.  Maybe not an impossible task, but long reaching and detrimental for sure.  Remember how we learned the lesson of working smarter and not harder?  How can you be successful if you are constantly working against yourself to define who you are?  Compound that with the wrong tools, and well, hopefully, there’s not a finite supply of capital in your budget.

Explore your businesses social media venues with us today.  Let us help you determine if you’re suffering from the identity crisis twins path of destruction.  We  can streamline your online presence with the right information, the right social media channel(s), at the appropriate times.  We’ll reconnect your voice and intended audience while slaying this super villain.

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