Social media marketing, do I really need it?

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You have the business, the coffee cup, and the bills to keep you up at night. You are industrious and proud and know you do great work.  That alone has allowed you to establish some clients. From those clients, word of mouth is great and the news is spreading – it is just offering a slow return.  Everywhere you look you are exposed to various forms of social media and are feeling overwhelmed.  When did the computer go from AOL to tweets?  How are you supposed to find the time, and is it really that important?  Of all the various marketing availability out there where do you even begin?


I am here to tell you that social media marketing is not only here to stay, but, Relevanza ( reports that 78% of small businesses attract new customers through social media!  How phenomenal is that for a statistic?  75% of Americans online say product information that is found on social media, influences their shopping behavior and adds to brand loyalty (Forbes, 04/16/2013).  Social media trails the television by only 3 percentage points in reaching US shoppers for advertisement of a new product (  In a few years, it is predicted that social media may be more important than television advertising.  Now, having just read this, and knowing something different than you did five minutes ago – can you really afford not to take advantage of social media marketing?



Often once you set up your webpage, it remains static.  The designer, you or another, has created this lovely webpage and there it is.  You are proud of it, and it reflects your product or service and you remotely manage through Google Analytics to make sure that you are getting the foot traffic you desire.  However, static doesn’t attract new customers.  Social media, however, should be constantly changing.  It should have new content often.  There should be posts and reviews, comments, basically lots of activity.  It lets the public know that the brand, your brand is active!  Facebook is imperative, especially when there is the power to like a business.  Ballihoo reports that 63% of consumers are driven to use local businesses with information linked to social media sites (  Bear in mind, what nourishes you can also destroy you, if you have a site and there isn’t a post, an endorsement, a tweet – that may make customers think your business is defunct or that you ignore your populous – so stay engaged!



Finally, and this is where you are, social marketing increases sales.  Sales increase revenue.  And revenue pays the bills that keep you up at night when you aren’t thinking about your product and services that you provide.  You’ve taken the plunge and believed in yourself enough to start your business.  Invest in yourself, by taking the time to manage your business smartly.  I know, I know, there is not enough time in the day and you are spread thin.  Know when to invest in yourself even more, and let Adzory walk you through the maze of social media marketing.  We know the ins and outs of social media, and are happy to develop a maintenance plan to ensure that your site is constantly updated and active.  We realise there are many ways to advertise your service and or product.  Some of these pull directly from social networks like setting up a Facebook store with apps such as Ecwid or Beetailer.  We are happy to develop a Twitter page and if you have an page – have a checkout straight from the Twitter feed!  We have developed ways to sell on Pinterest, YouTube, and various other social networks.

As a professional representative of your company we know what marketing strategies will work for you, and in what capacity to drive traffic your way.  Don’t lose out on valuable marketing because you are new to social media.  Let us help.    Adzory, YOUR AdStory.

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