Social Media Supervillian Unmasked: How to crush Commander Choas

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Recently, we’ve been sharing our superhero and villain journey through the landscape of social media.  We have been discussing and exploiting the villains that are hiding in wait.  Those of whom you cannot spot easily and

Taking this advice to heart, you learn to identify your voice and brand.  Refining and reclaiming ownership of the information surrounding your social media is a priority.  Delivering content through your venues is something you’re now committed too and you spend time doing it every day.  Yet, as you are doing this, another villain starts to rise to power.

This one often presents itself somberly and in a uniform of some kind – commanding respect.  There is a strong lineage seen in his character representation.  He has the wherewithal to produce a lot of content and stresses himself to do so.  Welcome, you’ve just met – or released – Commander Chaos.  This super villain works differently than the two we’ve previously met.  He is content aware, knowing it’s key to a business’s success.  So making the time to propagate multiple posts and interactions is paramount to his (heralded) persona.  those that function as double trouble – in a capacity to weaken and confuse your audience So what could possibly be bad?


Random House defines Chaos, especially in relation to a company, as “utter confusion or disorder – a total lack of organization”

Adzory | Social Media Management |Social Media Strategy |Web Design |Philadelphia

Look around that military facade and catch a glimpse of a supervillain without strategy.  His lack of planning and shotgun approach results in utter chaos…

He looks the part, suited up, overbearing, controlling even.  However, he’s showering the digital environment with shotgun shells.  Littered around him are crumpled notes and ineffective posts.  Hoping that if he pushes a wide array of content into that electronic landscape, then perhaps some must fall where intended.  Domineering and assured that his audience will delight in the sheer quantity of information as it falls into their social media feeds.

Self-assured and armed with nimble fingers and a plethora of information, he sits straight in his chair – eyes gleaming.  Those hands and fingers dance across the keyboard as he cues up more and more content.  He is experienced and wise when it comes to the age of the digital world.  The Commander is acutely aware that content propagates buzz on social media.  He is quite easy to spot, formal and still, pushy and malcontent.  Commander Chaos will tell you how often you should post to Twitter daily, 6 of course.  He is happy to interject and remind you that Facebook requires less because of the format and how the feed moves.  You will alienate followers if you apply the same content and posting schedule across all the social media platforms.  Ordered, punctual, articulate are words that could describe this behemoth.


Adzory | Social Media Management |Social Media Strategy |Web Design |Philadelphia
Adzory | Social Media Management |Social Media Strategy |Web Design |Philadelphia

So honestly, what is wrong with this guy?  He is obviously well versed in the landscape.  Commander Chaos understands that content and engagement is key AND knows not all platforms are created equal in style, delivery, or interaction.  How can this character be less than desirable?  How can he possibly be a villain?

Are you looking closely enough?  Let’s examine our Commander a wee bit more…


Last we discussed our newest villain, nay supervillain, we’d painted a picture of a digital savvy character that understood content is key.  He trained himself on the finer rules and points of posting.  Commander Chaos is intimately aware that all posts are not created equal.  He can quote song, chapter, and verse of what is appropriate per social media channel and how often it is necessary to update or change.

But we challenged you to look closer, and did you?  Recall the Random House definition of Chaos from that you read in the introduction to this villain?  The definition very succinctly states, “total lack of organisation or order”.  Notice the theme?  Can you spot the dichotomy?

Adzory | Social Media Management |Social Media Strategy |Web Design |Philadelphia
Adzory | Social Media Management |Social Media Strategy |Web Design |Philadelphia

Know that it’s not without intent.  In the world of social media, there are rules and guidelines to success and followers.  Commander Chaos has done the research and dressed just as appropriately, but yet he fails.  Content is nothing without meaning and interaction with the audience.  Strategy and commitment are paramount.  Shooting blindly in the dark with a mountain of insignificant content will not engage or satiate followers – nor will it keep them coming back for more.  Perhaps even more importantly, it will keep them from sharing your business with their friends and family circles.


So he is working twice as hard at hurting his business, alienating customers and potential clients, and causing irreparable damage to his online presence – with military precision and dedication.

Just because you may know or learn the recommendations and culture of social media, it doesn’t always tip the scales in your favour for directing your own online presence.

A little knowledge can be a dangerous and detrimental thing.  If given the choice, what is best for your business?  Reach out to Adzory today and let us silence the Commander that has infiltrated your ranks.  And as quoted in the Hunger Games, “May the odds forever be in your favour”…

Adzory | Social Media Management |Social Media Strategy |Web Design |Philadelphia

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