Social Media.  You’ve come to the realisation that you have to have it.  You know it’s a great way to get the word out and to meet new potential customers.  But now that you’ve decided to go for it, and you’ve picked through the platforms and signed up.  What do you do?  Where do you go?

Take a look at the 4 C’s below as a quick check sheet on the pulse of your social media – and to reaffirm it’s importance in your business!

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An Apple Search Engine? – Whiteboard Friday
In today's Whiteboard Friday, Tom digs into his research on Apple’s moves in search, specifically their recent launch of what he believes is a search engine, how it works, and how they could possibly hope to ...

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7 AI Image Generators That Will Boost Your Marketing Strategy
7 AI Image Generators That Will Boost Your Marketing Strategy
Geri Mileva
#AI #SocialMedia #InfluencerMarketing

Renting vs. Owning the Post-Review Local Consumer Journey
Local search is a mixed blessing: Loss of control over significant parts of the customer journey can be a source of legitimate stress for owners and marketers, but control of the most important ...

ChatGPT Won’t Replace Google Search (Yet)
By now, you’ve probably seen dozens of examples of ChatGPT, using the GPT (Generative Pre-training Transformer) deep learning system. The current models are genuinely impressive, so what does all of this have t...

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